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Saccone & Dobosiewicz LLP is a full-service immigration law firm offering a comprehensive range of immigration services to corporate and individual clients.  With offices in Buffalo, New York and just outside of Seattle, Washington, our firm serves many types of clients nationwide, including corporations and human resource professionals, foreign employees, family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and individuals without status in the United States who are facing deportation.

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you solve even the most complex of immigration problems, whether you are appearing before an Immigration Judge or seeking assistance with employment or family-based immigration applications.  We can help you successfully negotiate the maze of immigration laws and regulations to achieve your desired results.

Saccone & Dobosiewicz LLP provides a full range of immigration services to individuals and businesses:

  • Business immigration: we counsel human resource professionals and foreign workers on the requirements and steps for filing nonimmigrant visa petitions and employment-based immigrant (“green card”) applications.
  • Removal defense: we provide removal defense to individuals in the United States faced with the possibility of deportation.
  • Family immigration: we assist family members, including fiancé(e)s, trying to immigrate to the United States.

Located just 20 minutes away from the U.S. – Canadian border, we also assist individuals with border-crossing issues, including nonimmigrant waiver applications and humanitarian parole requests.

The advantage of experience

Our attorneys, Kurt R. Saccone and Elizabeth J. Dobosiewicz, are former prosecutors for the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (now part of the Department of Homeland Security). Mr. Saccone founded the firm shortly after leaving government service in 1999. Ms. Dobosiewicz joined the firm in 2005, after six years of government service and five years with a large law firm specializing in business immigration matters. Our broad range of knowledge and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to handle all of your immigration needs.

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